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Charito camping

This mini van is a convenient option for 2 adults. In the back there is a transformable dining room in a comfortable double bed, below which you will find ample storage space, which can be easily accessed through the rear doors.

The vehicle is equipped with a mini kitchen with a stove, gas bottle, kitchenware set, table, 2 chairs and a bbq. It also has air conditioning and a CD player. Sleeping bags and pillows are included in the price.
The Charito Camping Plus is the ideal option for those who want to travel a lot and spend little.

Patagonia truck 4x4

This modern camper offers 4 seats and 2 beds, making it ideal for couples on vacation. The all-wheel drive makes the pick-up ideal for routes on or off-road, while ESP, ABS and power steering ensure comfortable handling. Built-in air conditioning helps you beat the heat on hot days. Sleeping bags and pillows for 2 are already on board.

The roof tent can be set up in the blink of an eye and transforms into a comfortable bed for 2. Numerous built-in extras ensure both a fresh start in the day and catering on-the-go. A cooler, a barbecue and camping furniture are also provided.

Built-in camper facilities include a camping shower and toilet, in addition to the pop-up cab. Rent a PATAGONIA TRUCK 4×4 + Roof top tent with camping gear and feel the difference between to explore and to coexist with nature!

Patagonia camper 4x4

This amazing compact and ultra lightweight 4wd camper will give you the chance to access the most inhospitable corners of South America providing you with all the comfort of a high-end motorhome.

It’s equipped with heating, hot water, interior bathroom with shower, kitchen, fridge and solar panels for a longer electric autonomy; with a fixed double bed above the driver’s cab and the seats area with table that converts to a second double bed.

Book the Patagonia Camper 4×4 for a fascinating vacation in south america!


La Pampero is a classic of motorhomes with a Renault Master chassis. This nimble wheel house comes with an efficient 6-speed diesel engine. It is ideal for groups of 2 adults + 2 children.

The spaces to sleep on board the Pampero include a double bed in the back, a single bunk placed on the double and an extra single bed in the dining room. You will also find everything you need both in the bathroom and in the kitchen. With air conditioning and heating you will be to your liking wherever you go!


The ACONCAGUA model is a department on wheels for up to 6 adventurers. In fact, it is perfect for groups of 5 adults, or 4 adults + 2 children. Built on a state-of-the-art chassis / cab, the ACONCAGUA model comes with a powerful turbo diesel intercooler engine, air conditioning, power steering and a 6-speed gearbox. The sleeping spaces consist of 3 double beds, one above the driver’s cabin, one in the seating area, and a private bedroom at the rear. The bathroom and kitchen are generously proportioned. For all your daily needs you will have a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom. You will also find multiple spaces for storage on board. Length 730 cm. Width 220 cm. Height 283 cm.